Sunday, December 16, 2007

Conspiraloons™ are NOT Conspi-Racists!!


A frequent criticism of Conspiraloonery™ made by the paid shills in the corporate mainstream media is that Conspiraloons™ are really secret Conspi-racists and that when we talk about REPTILIAN ALIEN OVERLORDS we are really talking Jewish people

All of them

Much play is made out of the fact that Conspiraloons™ frequently make reference to reports that a group of Israelis set up video cameras on the morning of 9/11 so that they could film themselves singing and dancing as the Twin Towers were destroyed

...or that they later admitted on Israeli television to knowing about the 9/11 attacks in advance

... or that Israeli agents have a proven track record for dressing up as Arabs and setting off bombs

...or that employees of an Israeli-owned company based in one of the Twin Towers were warned not to come into work that morning

...or that Israeli-owned security companies were involved in transport security in London on 7/7

This, so the mainstream cover-story goes, proves the conspi-racist roots of Conspiraloonery™ and that all Conspiraloons™ hate Jews

especially 'SELF-HATING' Jewish Conspiraloons™ - they’re the worst

There are, of course, two very good reasons why this isn’t so:

Firstly, criticism of the behaviour of the State of Israel is not the same thing as anti-semitism - in the same way that criticism of the behaviour and foreign policy of the British Government and its security agencies would not be the same thing as being anti-British

Secondly, and much more importantly, True Conspiraloons™ know that the Israelis weren’t behind 9/11 anyway

It was, of course...

The Welsh


Sure, there may have been a few Mossad agents doing the Macarena in New Jersey on the morning of 9/11 but recently declassified satellite photos PROOVE™ that something much more sinister, and much more Welsh, was taking place much closer to Ground Zero

The Truth is that The Mossad, MI6, The CIA, The Freemasons, The IMF, The World Bank, The UN, are all unknowing pawns of their Welsh controllers and all being manipulated to bring about a NEW WELSH ORDER to make way for the coming of a new Messiah who will rule us all in the name of his Scaly Alien Overlords

and don't say he didn't warn you...

Other True™ Proof™ that it is the leek-chompers who are really running things-

  • Well, their flag is a bit of a give-away isn’t it?

  • Several Welsh people were POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED as being in New York on 9/11
  • The Welsh have penetrated the Truth Movement with crypto-Welsh infiltrators who have poisoned the Movement from within from Day One – most notably those arch disinformation agents Steven JONES, Alex JONES and SAINT DAVID Ray Griffin

Alex Jones – a complete and total Celt

  • The name Shayler is in fact Welsh for Mushroom
  • The Welsh dominate ownership and staffing of the mainstream media – especially in the field of popular culture where their paid agents corrupt the purity of our Youth with their lewd, suggestive song lyrics and skimpy swimwear

  • Atlantis (correct spelling Atllantis, correct pronunciation Atkhhhlantis) was in fact Wales

So, remember, Conspiraloons™ are NOT conspi-racist. We just go where the FACTS take us



Merkin said...

I can definitely see, in the Tom Jones photo, they Eye in the black Pyramid.
I am a Maddy McCann shill and I claim my five pounds.

Robin said...

Love the way it's presented. Truly commendable. Here's what I came up with. Please do have a look.